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Give Summer a High Five!

September 4th, 2009 Issue dayid

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What are you doing at your computer?

Uh, it's Labor Day weekend. Get out there and enjoy it.

No plans? Here's our top five summer favorites. Now stop wasting time... that snow is coming:

Lake time: Try kayaking on Lake of the Isles before it freezes over. (And while the Lake Creature is lurking.)

Fish food: After you work up your appetite paddling or walking, enjoy a feast

Cool eats: Go for fro-custard, because ice cream is so last hour.

Fruit at your fingertips: This clever contraption makes pits a thing of the past. (Also check out the company's clever corn-helpers.)

Fly like a bird: These feather accessories will help your head transition into the fall -- in more ways than one.

Hey Fizzy Fans, we're taking Monday off. So look for our next email on Tuesday. Happy Labor Day!

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