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Freebie: Truffle Shuffle

September 28th, 2009 Issue dayid

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Fairy Godmother: Fifteen minutes 'til ball time. Pumpkin's waiting.

Cinderella: But this new fall flavor of B.T. McElrath truffles just landed in stores. So, like, the ball's not such a big deal now. Might just stay home.

FG: Um, hello? The horses? The dress? You do know those slippers are actual glass.

C: I know, but these truffles are crafted in Minneapolis by B.T. McElrath who, along with his wife Christine, has been in the chocolate business since 1996. The seasonal Harvest Moon truffles feature a delicious pumpkin flavor with delicate spices, encrusted beautifully in an oak-leaf decorated dark chocolate shell.

FG: Give me that box, you ungrateful scullery maid. Hey, is that a passion fruit truffle?

C: Uh huh. Now look who's begging for a ball.

Truffles by B.T. McElrath, prices range, $8.99 for five Harvest Moon Truffles at Byerly's. Also available online, at Kowalski's and bars available at the Walker.

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It's Monday and we need a little sugar. Email us back with your address by 2 p.m. today for your chance to win a box of Harvest Moon Truffles.

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