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Backpack to the Future

May 4th, 2010 Issue dayid

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You can't travel without things. Preferably cool, interesting things received as very thoughtful presents.

You also can't travel without somewhere to put aforementioned things, money to buy them and passport to take them home.

Very frequent fliers Myrna Marofsky and Karen Stinson know all too well. After many years and millions of miles, they wanted to design a bag that was for women, by women.

So they created the WisePack.

Before you poo-poo the backpack, don't forget that traveling often requires two hands and this one allows you to stash your essentials in a pocket that is way more comfortable than a body-hugging safety wallet.

So go ahead and take a load off.

WisePacks by WiseWomen, $69 for black with leather and $59 for bronze, available online and at Corazon, 1026 Washington Av S, Mpls, 612-333-1662. Meet one of the creators on Wednesday night at Corazon's 5th birthday party. Details here.

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