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November 2nd, 2010 Issue dayid

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Look at your desk. Look at your kitchen. How do you ever find anything?

(Don't get us wrong. We're not really in a position to criticize.)

Swap out your current non-existent system for sleek offerings from MadeSmart. Known for its clever (permanent) solutions to putting away the pencils and utensils that don't have homes, the St. Paul-based company has taken on the task of redesigning your frequently overstuffed and otherwise abused stuff.

Started in 1990 by Devee Joy, the line is expanding from basic white, clear and granite plastic to include wood in 2011.

They're the most clever home renovation you can make.

MadeSmart products, available at Target, the Container Store and all these retailers. You can also check out the products at Maiden Minnesota on Thursday evening. Details here.

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