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Extreme Makeover

June 15th, 2011 Issue dayid

Todays pic

From the tips of her neon green feathered hair to the hem of her acid-wash jorts, she's a walking study in resistance to fashion change.

And you know who needs a style intervention. Stat!

Be transformed by the best: TLC's "What Not to Wear" is coming back to the Twin Cities and now you can nominate a female friend, family member or co-worker whose wardrobe is screaming for a head-to-toe transformation.

They are looking for total, shocking and dramatic fashion calamities. If selected, your lucky pal will receive a new $5,000 wardrobe and priceless advice from the pros (Stacy and Clinton, duh) and the all-important hair and makeup gurus (Carmindy and the Ted Gibson).

Before you post it on your friend's Facebook page, remember, you must keep it a secret.

Send photos and info t0 MHardy@bbcnyproduction.com:

-Name of Nominee:
-Her Age:
-Marital Status:
-Home location:
-Describer her personality:
-Why should our show help her when she hasn't bothered to help herself? (Lack of money or self-esteem is NOT the answer we are looking for)
-Describe her style in full detail:
-At least 4 pictures that illustrate her bad style:
-Nominator name and contact information:

Read more about casting here.

We'll be watching for the un-bedazzling, but you'll probably find the resulting makeover goes more than skin deep.

Photo: Discovery Communications, LLC.

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