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Lighting Up

August 30th, 2011 Issue dayid

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Is your loft lovely but a little lightless? Do you crave a lamp to match your midcentury modern sofa but don't want to crib Betty Draper's entire living room? Or maybe you just want an unexpected conversation piece?

You won't be left in the dark, thanks to Opostrophe batik lighting by textile artist Kristine O'Brien.

O'Brien created pretty framed batik works for years, but one day, she saw the light: The handpainted silk was even more beautiful when illuminated. And that's how the Opostrophe lighting line was born. A local welder makes the pendant frames, and O'Brien repurposes old bases for table lamps. She makes cute little night lights and also does custom work.

After all, your digs deserve lighting that's a work of art.

Opostrophe, table lamps are $120 and up and pendants are about $460. Custom designs available.

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