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Heart of Gold - Wednesday, Dec 10th
Why is it that shopping for dishes always seem to be, well, flat. Sorry Fiestaware, but your plainne...

Tags: home bowl Design

Hail Seizer - Tuesday, Dec 16th
So you like your toast hot enough for the peanut butter to ooze and melt into every little crevice. ...

Tags: home Walker chopsticks

Glassy eyed - Monday, Jan 12th
What do we do in January? Hibernate, of course. Don’t fight it, you know staying on your couch and...

Tags: home vase green eco

Cuckoo for Cacao - Tuesday, Jan 13th
There are some scents from your childhood that just stay with you. When we got a whiff of Tags: home soap lotion chocolate fragrance

Smells Like Sunshine - Friday, Jan 30th

Due to the weather, it has been about two and half months since our home has been properly aired ...

Tags: fragrance home aroma diffuser

Worth Its Salt - Tuesday, Feb 17th

We are rarely inspired to clean. However, a recent incident with a hot cherry pie straight from t...

Tags: cleaning home


It seems like we've been spending more time at home lately, which has led us to want to spruce up...

Tags: wallpaper home decor

Dish of the Day - Wednesday, Apr 8th

When someone has you over, you always bring some personality to the table. Riverside's innovative...

Tags: home plates

Go Big or GoHome - Tuesday, May 5th

Since you're probably not moving any time soon, now is your chance to nest and add your details t...

Tags: home

Heaven Scent (Freebie!) - Wednesday, Aug 19th

Nothing beats coming home after a long day at the office.

Until you get a whiff of the ...

Tags: home fragrance

Stay Spooned - Monday, Nov 9th

You've never fully grasped the joy of cooking or mastered the art of French anything.


Tags: home kitchen gadget

Freebie: Sale Away - Tuesday, Nov 17th

Too close for comfort? Nah, proximity has its privileges.

Especially tonight: When ...

Tags: home website sale

Welcome to the Jungle - Monday, Mar 1st

Not all glasses are half empty.

Take the ones at your last party. Some overflowed, a fe...

Tags: home art coasters

Make Room - Monday, Mar 8th

Life is a series of milestones.

Your first kiss. Your first job. Your first piece of fu...

Tags: home furniture sales

Uniquities in Wonderland - Tuesday, Mar 23rd

Alice may have willingly followed the White Rabbit down his hole, but she had no idea what lay be...

Tags: home accessories

Freebie: Lighten Up - Tuesday, Mar 30th

You've never understood scented candles. (If you want your home to smell like mulled cider, you'l...

Tags: home candles

Get Framed - Wednesday, Mar 31st

How's it hanging? Yeah, we know -- not so great since your favorite trees were chopped down to f...

Tags: home frames wood eco

Creature Comforts - Friday, Apr 2nd

Talk about a bad start.

You overslept. Your boss shot you nasty looks all morning. And ...

Tags: home stuffed animals

Pop Goes the Shop - Friday, Apr 16th

Your place is a total Picasso. And your look is so Degas.

Keep up your canvases at ...

Tags: shopping jewelry art home

Stalking Up - Tuesday, Apr 20th

Sending flowers -- all about the details. (Is anything worse than baby's breath?)


Tags: home flowers interior

The Belle of the Wall - Wednesday, Apr 28th

You'd never decorate your walls with cheap art posters. But you're about as far from buying a LaC...

Tags: home wall decor

Keep It Clean - Monday, May 17th

Certain women's fashions -- corsets, bloomers -- have come and gone and come again.


Tags: fashion aprons kitchen home

Let Them Eat Cake - Monday, Aug 30th

Looks like you've got a lot on your plate.

Specifically: You volunteered to bring a cak...

Tags: food baking cake home kitchen

Lighting Up - Tuesday, Aug 31st

Is your loft lovely but lacking light? Do you crave a lamp to match your midcentury modern sofa b...

Tags: home lighting lamps

Antique, C'est Chic - Friday, Sep 24th

Not again.

A so-called friend promised that she'd be there at the crack of dawn to spen...

Tags: home furniture antiques finds museum

Weekend Guide - Thursday, Oct 14th
Shop sales
We really want to go to Rome, but will settle for 50 to 70 percent off of hom...

Tags: home sales books chocolate events

Smart Home - Tuesday, Nov 2nd

Look at your desk. Look at your kitchen. How do you ever find anything?

(Don't ...

Tags: home organize kitchen office

Material Girl - Wednesday, Oct 27th

The apple may not fall far from the tree. But what about the leaf and the daisy and the bicycle w...

Tags: home decor DIY

Weekend Guide - Thursday, Nov 4th
Since we tend to buy Diane von Furstenberg dresses at full price, we have no ...

Tags: home furniture fashion lingerie show

Velvet Underground - Monday, Nov 1st

My, you looked fabulous last winter, hair all sleek from that thermal reconditioning.

Not so...

Tags: home lifestyle photos albums

The Pie-d Piper - Wednesday, Nov 17th

The old pie-in-the-face gag is always a hit.

Who can resist a giggle when some poor suc...

Tags: home shopping vintage holiday

Hi, Ho Silver! - Monday, Nov 29th

In your next life, you'll be to the manor born.

And your home will reflect your jet-set...

Tags: Home silver sale

Animal Instinct - Tuesday, Dec 7th

Little animals are fluffy, adorable, and capable of listening without interrupting (unlike certai...

Tags: home decor seasonal animals cute

Poster Girl - Tuesday, Dec 14th

You haven't gone for the posters-as-decor thing since your rabid seventh-grade Backstreet Boys ob...

Tags: home poster walls

POPPIES: Keep it Clean - Monday, Dec 27th

This week, we're bringing you our favorite PopFizz discoveries of 2010 -- The Poppies. E-mail ...

Tags: fashion aprons kitchen home

Garden Variety - Wednesday, Jan 5th

You might be winning the war on terrorizing houseplants, but you can forget about a victory garde...

Tags: home garden plant flowers spring

Weekend Guide - Thursday, Jan 13th
Dear bride-to-be -- do not miss your chance to try on the fall 2011 bridal col...

Tags: fashion bridal sale shop home

Make Your Move - Wednesday, Feb 16th

Been looking for someone to do whatever your heart desires? Moving your home or business? Washing...

Tags: home movers help errands

Hobo Code - Monday, Feb 21st

Promise rings. Friendship bracelets. You like it when your things mean something.

Meet ...

Tags: home design

Weekend Guide + Freebie - Thursday, Apr 14th
Time to spruce up your walls for spring! Check out the  
If you haven't been to Gallery 360 (5 ...

Tags: shop home food market

Takes One to Grow One - Wednesday, Apr 27th

Sure, you dream of growing even a small portion of your own food in the manner of the White House...

Tags: home garden coach

Frames of Mind - Wednesday, May 25th

Have you been framed?

When it comes to the  

Food trucks are officially EVERYWHERE. But a decor store on wheels? Now that's an idea to write h...

Tags: home design shopping

Towel Off - Friday, Jun 3rd

Trying to dry your hair, flat iron it and put on your makeup while staying properly wrapped up po...

Tags: home towel invention

Weekend Guide - Thursday, Jun 9th
Shop accessories
During Open Streets Minneapoli...

Tags: shop boutique jewelry home magazine

Wood If You Could - Wednesday, Jul 27th

You can dish it out, no problem. It's the taking-it part that needs work.


The energy crisis is no joke, no matter what type of vehicle you drive.

Which has us th...

Tags: food home kitchen

Peace Out - Wednesday, Aug 3rd

Sure, throwing a two-finger peace sign makes quite a statement (just ask John and Yoko). But in a...

Tags: fashion home boutique

E-mail is good for many things: sweet flirtations and corralling a happy-hour crowd. But, may we rem...

Tags: home stationery invitations entertaining

Lighting Up - Tuesday, Aug 30th

Is your loft lovely but a little lightless? Do you crave a lamp to match your midcentury modern s...

Tags: home lighting lamps

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