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Flower Powers! - Monday, Dec 8th
When you're in the midst of an accessorizing crisis and you have nowhere else to turn, sometimes you...

Tags: jewelry earrings flowers Karin silver

Lucky Charms - Tuesday, Jan 27th

The Mall of America rocks our world for stores we can't find anywhere else in the Metropolitan ar...

Tags: jewelry local designers boutique

Dangling Modifiers - Thursday, Feb 5th

Versatility is key these days. If I'm only going to get one or two wears out of something, fugget...

Tags: jewelry

As Seen In - Sunday, Mar 8th
Open this month's edition of Harper's Bazaar to page 340...

Tags: boutique jewelry

Your Weekend Guide - Wednesday, Mar 11th
You gotta love a ladies' lunch! This Sat. (3 p.m.), The St. Paul Hotel (350 M...

Tags: tea jewelry events karaoke

Your Weekend Guide - Wednesday, Mar 18th
Tonight, there is a trunk show at June (3406 Lyndale Av. S., Mpls....

Tags: jewelry sales restaurants

Rock Your World - Tuesday, Apr 28th

We hate to break it to bling fans, but the only thing that looks as good as a five-carat Tiffany ...

Tags: jewelry designer

Hi, Ho Silver! - Monday, May 11th
A quick and easy recipe for looking good, courtesy of jewelry designer  

One should always take time to smell the roses.

It's finding them that can be the trick...

Tags: fashion jewelry

Petal Pusher - Thursday, Jun 4th

Fresh flower accessories always look so sweet in pictures. Daisy chains around your neck, orchid ...

Tags: jewelry fashion art

Perfect Match - Monday, Jun 15th

Brangelina, TomKat, Gyllenspoon -- every so often there comes along that flawless match, each per...

Tags: jewelry boutique

We've Got Spirit! - Tuesday, Jun 30th

The Twin Cities fashion jungle: deafening roar or gaping yawn? Discuss.

With Tags: fashion jewelry

What a Girl Wants - Sunday, Jul 5th

Ladies will use any excuse to congregate.

In the '50s, it was Tupperware. In the '70s, ...

Tags: fashion jewelry party

Freebie: Hollywood Gems - Thursday, Jul 23rd

As Dorothy said: "There's no place like home." Which must be why Sara Beth Goldfine can't resist ...

Tags: fashion jewelry presents

Getting Personal - Sunday, Aug 9th

We've been tight for a while, right? So now, we're getting personal.

With jewelry, at l...

Tags: fashion jewelry

Stay Golden - Monday, Aug 24th

Olympic Shot Putter, Best Actress, Texas Ranger. Titles you won't be receiving anytime, um, ever....

Tags: Fashion Jewelry

Freebie: The Butterfly Effect - Thursday, Sep 10th

Sometimes a piece of jewelry can be transformative.

Such is the case with  

Aloe is known for it's soothing and healing powers. Funny enough, jewelry can also make you feel ...

Tags: fashion jewelry

Jewel Intentions - Monday, Oct 19th
Finding jewelry that you'll wear every day is impossible. Pieces are either too uncomfortable (hello...

Tags: fashion jewelry

Pearls of Wisdom - Monday, Nov 2nd

Come winter, "dressing" becomes "bundling." You start with long underwear, add a tee and cashmere...

Tags: fashion jewelry

Dark and Lovely - Thursday, Nov 12th

These days, if you've drooled over one piece of fine jewelry, you've drooled over them all.


Tags: fashion jewelry

Special K - Monday, Nov 23rd

Look, if we never saw you in the owl brooch, antler earrings, and whale tale charms again, it wou...

Tags: fashion jewelry

Much Bali-hooed - Sunday, Nov 29th

Jet lag. Mysterious rashes. Cell bills that could fund a 401K. Tripping the moonlight fantastic h...

Tags: fashion jewelry

Sparkling Sample Sale - Monday, Nov 30th

You could dazzle them with your conversation, perfect scones, or caffeine tolerance. But wouldn't...

Tags: fashion jewelry sale

Oy -- It's Oie! - Tuesday, Dec 15th

Sweet boy blows savings on precious diamond studs for dream girl. Romantic? Yes. Predictable? Utt...

Tags: fashion jewelry

Central Parc - Thursday, Feb 18th

Adornments. Accessories. Decorations.

Poor jewelry. Always the sideshow, never the main...

Tags: fashion jewelry

The Family Jewels - Thursday, Mar 4th

You'd channel Mike Tyson (not the ear thing, though) on your little sis to secure Nana's vintage ...

Tags: fashion jewelry

Spin Control - Sunday, Mar 21st

Crochet needs a better publicist. Knitting enjoyed a long run in the craft spotlight, while croch...

Tags: fashion jewelry

Pop Goes the Shop - Thursday, Apr 15th

Your place is a total Picasso. And your look is so Degas.

Keep up your canvases at ...

Tags: shopping jewelry art home

Wristy Business - Tuesday, Apr 20th

Despite the fact that you've never been arrested (even for all of those parking tickets) or maybe...

Tags: fashion jewelry accessories

A Cut Above - Sunday, Apr 25th

Patience isn't just a virtue. It's a means to getting what you want, because the best things in l...

Tags: fashion jewelry

Weekend Guide - Wednesday, Apr 28th
Fire sale! A little too literally:  
Buy luxe
We love you Louis, oh yes, we do! The first free-standing  
Dazzle her
Go for the gold or the silver or the gemstones at Walker Art Center's Tags: gifts moms jewelry stationery brunch

Earring My Bell - Monday, May 10th

It's easy to accessorize for attention. Just slap on some wearable art and take your pet parrot o...

Tags: fashion jewelry

Freebie + Weekend Guide - Wednesday, May 19th
Introducing... guilt-free gold! This weekend local jewelry designer  

What did mom say? Keep your hands out of her jewelry box.

What did you do? Reach straig...

Tags: jewelry vintage

All about Eve - Sunday, Jun 13th

Here it is. Summertime.

Wait. How'd that happen? You're going to have to find ways to d...

Tags: fashion jewelry

Weekend Guide - Wednesday, Jun 16th
Get the deals
Through June 20, Parc BoutiqueTags: shopping sales jewelry art show designer

Charm School - Sunday, Jun 27th

When it comes to surprising people, you're a natural. Between your thoughts of the day and latest...

Tags: fashion jewelry charms

Blond Ambition - Monday, Jul 26th

Money can't buy you love, but trinkets, baubles and gems? They wouldn't hurt.


Tags: fashion jewelry vintage accessories

Weekend Guide - Wednesday, Aug 11th
In addition to picking up a new autographed page turner, you can shop too. Author a...

Tags: fashion sales jewelry books movies

Golden Girl - Tuesday, Aug 24th

Olympic Shot Putter, Best Actress, Texas Ranger. Titles you won't be receiving anytime, um, ever....

Tags: fashion jewelry

Weekend Guide - Wednesday, Sep 15th
As soon as it feels like fall, we suddenly remember that  

Your best friends: bold and brassy, popular and semi-precious, polished and transparent.


Tags: fashion jewelry

Weekend Guide - Wednesday, Oct 6th
See hairography
Those "Glee" kids could not imagine the incredible creativity at the Tags: hair beauty shop jewelry

Freebie: Iron Maidens - Thursday, Oct 28th

If this sounds familiar, it's because it's one our favorite annual eventsfairy tales.Tags: fashion shopping jewelry party food

Art on a String - Tuesday, Nov 2nd

You know your Manet from your Monet. Your Impressionism from your Expressionism. Your Picasso fro...

Tags: fashion jewelry sale museum

Stage Gems - Sunday, Nov 7th

Most of the time, architectural fashion is code for sharp edges.

Not so for Tags: fashion jewelry theater sale

Sequins of Events - Monday, Nov 29th

Girls just wanna have fun.

And feel pretty.


On your marks. Get set. Shop.

Shop local gifts
Get crafty about your present...

Tags: shopping sales jewelry deals

Counter Proposal - Sunday, Jan 23rd

Generally speaking, countertops don't exactly conjure images of femininity. They're more reminisc...

Tags: fashion jewelry

Weekend Guide - Wednesday, Jan 26th
You can always sample the oils and vinegars at the new  

Bored with stuffy old jewelry shops with all of the white-glove pomp and circumstance that goes a...

Tags: jewelry chocolate boutique shopping

Shared Space - Sunday, Mar 27th

You and Me ...

Tags: fashion boutique studio jewelry

Ini-Mart - Tuesday, Apr 12th

Your fashion sense falls between L.A. hipster and SoHo chic.

Well, duh, you live in the...

Tags: fashion accessories jewelry boutique

Rock Your World - Monday, May 16th

We hate to break it to bling fans, but the only thing that looks as good as a five-carat Tiffany ...

Tags: fashion jewelry online

Bright Lights, Vintage City - Monday, May 9th

You love attention. But those flailing arm dance moves got you some scary looks.

Take a...

Tags: fashion jewelry recycled vintage

Weekend Guide - Wednesday, Jun 1st
Art search
Get out your scouting skills, it's time for the Edina Art Fair. You might wan...

Tags: food art culture fashion jewelry

Weekend Guide - Wednesday, Jun 8th
Shop accessories
During Open Streets Minneapoli...

Tags: shop boutique jewelry home magazine

Glass Act - Sunday, Jul 17th

It's been said that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

But sometimes you ju...

Tags: fashion jewelry

The Weekend Guide - Wednesday, Mar 21st
Please, please, please resist the temptation to dig into your mid-summer war...

Tags: jewelry, skin, spa, shop,

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