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Hole-y Quest - Tuesday, Jan 13th
A good bagel. Sorry Bruegger's and Einstein Bros., you just don't make the real deal per the standar...

Tags: bagel deli breakfast restaurant

Declare Victory! - Sunday, Feb 8th

Dreaming of Italy? Well, we are after a trip to Victory<...

Tags: boutiques accessories handbags

Your Weekend Guide - Wednesday, Apr 1st
This Sun. (noon to 4 p.m.), prepare yourself for a triple threat at the Northrup Ki...

Tags: jewery handbags sales snacks saffron party

Art-to-Go - Thursday, Apr 23rd

Some people buy photographs and paintings to decorate their homes. Well, we buy handbags to gussy...

Tags: handbags fashion

Clutch and Seek - Tuesday, Aug 11th

If we were a beautiful indigo leather Diane von Furstenberg clutch where, oh where, would we be?<...

Tags: fashion handbags

What Goes Around - Monday, Aug 31st

Those red leather pants of yours (we see them lurking at the back of your closet) may never have ...

Tags: fashion accessories handbags

A Clean Canvas - Tuesday, Mar 16th

Why whisper, when you can broadcast on a billboard.

Or in your case, why carry a quiet...

Tags: fashion handbags

Tote Couture - Monday, Apr 12th

Keeping it simple? Now you're speaking our language.

Of course that's easier said than ...

Tags: fashion handbags

Backpack to the Future - Monday, May 3rd

You can't travel without things. Preferably cool, interesting things received as very thoughtful ...

Tags: travel bags

Freebie: Basket Case - Tuesday, May 18th

Spring. A time to travel light.

So why is it that every time the season rolls around, y...

Tags: fashion basket bag

Bold Shoulder - Monday, May 31st

Being overextended has its drawbacks. Especially when it comes to accessorizing.

Take t...

Tags: fashion handbags accessories organization

Rock the Tote - Tuesday, Jun 22nd

Beach style: Sometimes it seems like an oxymoron.

How to make a statement in nothing bu...

Tags: fashion handbags totes

Addicted to OPM - Sunday, Oct 10th

Addictions to soy lattes, Loeffler Randall boots and contemporary art exhibits indicate an impres...

Tags: fashion boutique designer handbags online

Spin-off Cycle - Tuesday, Oct 12th
Oh, let it grow, let it grow, let it grow. Here's the latest from a few our favorite local companies...

Tags: fashion handbags beauty lotion cards

Freebie: Bag, You're It - Tuesday, Nov 9th

Yes, you love the fact that cargo pants are hot. Pockets -- so perfect when you want stash your k...

Tags: fashion accessories handbags

Fur...Get It? - Monday, Mar 7th

To faux, or not to faux? To wear the mink or not to wear the mink?

How to gussy up tha...

Tags: fashion accessories bags earrings

You Say You Want a Revolution - Thursday, Jul 7th
Sad that July 4th is behind us? Never fear -- Bastille Day, commemorating the French Revolution, is ...

Tags: shop sales French bakery baguette

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