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Last, but not least - Tuesday, Dec 23rd
Do. Not. Panic.
It's never fun to shop when you're in a pinch. That's why it's best not to mak...

Tags: coffee gifts baby magnets

Tea-totalism - Tuesday, Dec 30th
Resolution of the day: Drink more tea

Specifically, a red tea latte. Why? Red tea i...

Tags: tea coffee shop drink hot latte

Eclair, we declare! - Tuesday, Jan 6th
The second location of Spyhouse Coffee HouseTags: food coffee dessert pastry spyhouse

And Puppy Dog Tails - Friday, Mar 6th

No, we are not involved in maiming cute little puppies. In fact, the signature Puppy Dog Tails...

Tags: coffee shop bakery

Weekend Guide - Thursday, Nov 19th
Get Caffeinated
Need to wake up on Saturday? From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., sample coffee, tea ...

Tags: events coffee art gifts

Coffee Run - Wednesday, Mar 3rd

We don't want to put words in your mouth. But Tags: food drink coffee

Weekend Guide + Freebie - Thursday, Apr 22nd
Earth Day is upon us! Here's our loose interpretation of going green.

Drink Green...

Tags: food coffee sale boutique

Freebie: Coffee Talk - Friday, Oct 15th

Is it too much to ask for your joe to be delicate, complex, and lightly roasted?

We're ...

Tags: food beverages coffee fundraiser

Espresso Yourself - Friday, Nov 5th

Your idea of morning glory? Coffee!

One sip of  

If you're going to a screening of the  
Reserve brew
Coffee, sweet coffee. Dunn Bros h...

Tags: food coffee dance sale

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