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Heart of Gold - Tuesday, Dec 9th
Why is it that shopping for dishes always seem to be, well, flat. Sorry Fiestaware, but your plainne...

Tags: home bowl Design

Tights End - Thursday, Jan 1st
Even though the sales are rocking, we don't know anyone who's buying a whole new wardrobe right now....

Tags: accessories designer local tights

Lucky Charms - Tuesday, Jan 27th

The Mall of America rocks our world for stores we can't find anywhere else in the Metropolitan ar...

Tags: jewelry local designers boutique

Moo-ving Tees - Sunday, Feb 22nd

Do you know where your outfit came from? (Hint: We don't mean Ridgedale or the Mall of America.) ...

Tags: eco t-shirts designer

Chalk It Up - Monday, Mar 2nd

Ah, tee shirts. So many to chose from, so little that's new and exciting.

Not since our W...

Tags: designer clothes

GH2 Good To Be True - Tuesday, Mar 3rd

We're so bored with our closets. But when wallets are thin, high-end designer brands seem like th...

Tags: boutique consignment designer

Be Kind, Rewind - Tuesday, Apr 14th

Our first cassette tape was the Pointer Sisters' "I'm So Excited." You see, before MP3 players or...

Tags: wallet cassette design

Rock Your World - Tuesday, Apr 28th

We hate to break it to bling fans, but the only thing that looks as good as a five-carat Tiffany ...

Tags: jewelry designer

Freebie: Sew Cool - Thursday, Nov 5th

You plan to be the next Minnesotan on "Project Runway." You work the designer attitude, dress to ...

Tags: lifestyle books design

Got Silk? - Thursday, Apr 22nd

There are all sorts of dresses. The I'm-always-flattering-no-matter-how-many-cookies-I-ate slip. ...

Tags: fashion dresses boutique designer

DEAL: Straight Bumbershuter - Tuesday, Jun 1st

Carrying an umbrella when the sky starts to turn gray?

That's being prepared.


Tags: fashion designer boutique deals

Weekend Guide - Wednesday, Jun 16th
Get the deals
Through June 20, Parc BoutiqueTags: shopping sales jewelry art show designer

Hippie Chic - Tuesday, Jul 20th

Sure, we like things to be easy, but we can't get behind being boring.

Especially when ...

Tags: fashion designer party

Dressed to Frill - Monday, Aug 23rd

Yes, you've got a new hairdo. And your eyelashes may be perfectly curled. But we all know those a...

Tags: fashion designer dresses show

Under Cover - Monday, Sep 20th

You know how it goes: You're sporting either some uncomfortable mesh lace skankiness or busted-up...

Tags: fashion lingerie local indie designer

Queen Anne - Tuesday, Sep 28th

Thanks to the gal from Green Gables, there's always something special about Annes with the "e." <...

Tags: fashion classic designer

Cape Hovet - Monday, Oct 4th

There's no denying that vampires and wizards are having their moment (a long one, at that).


Tags: fashion designer boutique cape

Addicted to OPM - Sunday, Oct 10th

Addictions to soy lattes, Loeffler Randall boots and contemporary art exhibits indicate an impres...

Tags: fashion boutique designer handbags online

Fulk-an Planet - Monday, Oct 25th

Sure, you live in a loft, read poetry, and shun commercial coffee.

But step outside in ...

Tags: fashion designer online

POPPIES: Queen Anne - Monday, Dec 27th

This week, we're bringing you our favorite PopFizz discoveries of 2010 -- The Poppies. E-mail ...

Tags: fashion designer boutique

Rock the Volt - Thursday, Jan 20th

Electrical currents have their place and you're pretty sure that place is nowhere near your close...

Tags: fashion show designers

Hobo Code - Sunday, Feb 20th

Promise rings. Friendship bracelets. You like it when your things mean something.

Meet ...

Tags: home design

Zerr-o In - Monday, Mar 21st

Let's face it: A girl likes attention.

But for all the right reasons (a stand-out-in-th...

Tags: fashion designer website

Bus Shelter - Tuesday, Jun 21st

Food trucks are officially EVERYWHERE. But a decor store on wheels? Now that's an idea to write h...

Tags: home design shopping

Weekend Guide - Wednesday, Jul 27th
Horse Around
The Hamptons? Obsolete because the Twin Cities has its own annual Tags: sports horses tv fashion designer shoes

Wood If You Could - Tuesday, Jul 26th

You can dish it out, no problem. It's the taking-it part that needs work.


Summer is for being all footloose and fancy-free.

But it's hard to get into that mindse...

Tags: fashion designer clothing show


There are few shortcuts to be found in the world.

Luckily, when it comes to fashion, y...

Tags: fashion design clothing

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