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Flower Powers! - Tuesday, Dec 9th
When you're in the midst of an accessorizing crisis and you have nowhere else to turn, sometimes you...

Tags: jewelry earrings flowers Karin silver

This Bud's for You - Wednesday, Aug 5th

We'll now hear the closing arguments in the case of Hair v. Summer.

Ladies and gentleme...

Tags: fashion flowers headband

This Bud's for You - Friday, Oct 2nd

As sentimental as you are -- it's no surprise that you treasure every detail of a special occasio...

Tags: flowers art

Stalking Up - Tuesday, Apr 20th

Sending flowers -- all about the details. (Is anything worse than baby's breath?)


Tags: home flowers interior

Weekend Guide - Thursday, Apr 29th
Fire sale! A little too literally:  
Smell the flowers
If you're feeling cold and seeing gray, spend five minutes in the <...

Tags: lifestyle flowers shopping sales

Garden Variety - Wednesday, Jan 5th

You might be winning the war on terrorizing houseplants, but you can forget about a victory garde...

Tags: home garden plant flowers spring

Sweet Hearts - Wednesday, Feb 2nd

If love means never having to say you're sorry, then don't forget Valentine's Day! Here are a few...

Tags: shopping valentine flowers cards

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