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Hey you, with the brilliant book idea. You know you have at least one. Well, if you like books, c...

Tags: events lifestyle arts

Hot Doggy - Friday, Jul 10th

It's summertime and the living is easy, so why not woof it up?

Of course we don't expec...

Tags: lifestyle cards

Picnic service with a smile - Tuesday, Jul 14th

When shoes are concerned, white is a viable option for another eight weeks.

But when it...

Tags: lifestyle shopping dishware

Fido hearts Sojos - Monday, Jul 20th

Is your pup looking like she lost her mojo? Restore it with So...

Tags: lifestyle dogs

Get Carded + FREEbie (for all) - Tuesday, Aug 4th

You make a great first impression

So instead of the déclassé scrap with you...

Tags: lifestyle stationery freebie

Paddle Ball - Friday, Aug 14th

You always loved camp.

Well not so much the competitive sports or nature. But roasted mar...

Tags: lifestyle kayak outdoors activities

Weekend Guide - Thursday, Aug 27th
From ballroom to basement: It's almost time for Project Runway, week two. Fo...

Tags: lifestyle events giveaway


Does everyone's seemingly exhaustive knowledge of composting, biofuels, deforestation, air pollut...

Tags: lifestyle web online

Freebie: Sew Cool - Friday, Nov 6th

You plan to be the next Minnesotan on "Project Runway." You work the designer attitude, dress to ...

Tags: lifestyle books design

Local Addition - Tuesday, Nov 10th

When you think of global shopping capitals, good old Minnesota never seems to make the cut.

Tags: lifestyle clothes local kitchen

Give It Away Now - Wednesday, Dec 23rd

Your favorite thing about the holidays?

We know. You'll get back to us on that.


Tags: lifestyle gifts charity

Mod Squad - Monday, Jan 4th

While it seems early to predict what style in 2K10 will look like (Tim Burton's  

Paris. City of lovers. City of Lights. City of Chanel. City of cheese and wine.

City yo...

Tags: lifestyle travel books

Good Clean Fun - Wednesday, Jan 20th

You eat only organic, wear natural fibers, and take homeopathic remedies. And the recycling cente...

Tags: lifestyle cleaning

Marry, Marry, Quite Contrary - Friday, Feb 5th

You've waited, hoped, and planned for it all your life. Now it's here.

Your wedding. (...

Tags: lifestyle bridal events

Lab Report - Tuesday, Feb 2nd

These days you can customize just about anything -- jeans, laptops, boyfriends.

But let...

Tags: lifestyle party computers

Pretty as a Picture - Wednesday, Feb 3rd

Ever since that episode with your yearbook photo, you've been leery of photographers.


Tags: lifestyle weddings photography

See Jane Design - Monday, Feb 8th

You'll cope without chocolates, underwear or roses, but if you don't even get a measly note, you'...

Tags: lifestyle Valentine cards

Freebie: Last Chance Romance - Friday, Feb 12th

Hey lovebirds, whether you're single or coupled, here's our guide for get ready for February 14....

Tags: lifestyle beauty stationery

First Place Finnish - Monday, Feb 15th

You've always been a night owl.

But 51 straight days without a sunrise? Uh, no thanks. ...

Tags: shopping lifestyle

Weekend Guide - Thursday, Feb 25th
Party Arty
We're concretely resisting a boring night to attend the  
Follow Oprah
Love everything Oprah? We do! So we were excited to see that mixed in with ...

Tags: fashion style Oprah events

Weekend Guide - Thursday, Apr 8th
Shop and stroll
It's supposed to be  

For you, a wedge is a Louboutin. And a driver? Someone who gives you a ride, naturally.


Tags: lifestyle fitness golf

Weekend Sales - Friday, Jun 25th
There are so many deals this weekend, that we've added a few to  

"Sewing" conjures up junior high school memories of fugly generic cartoon-character pillows.


Tags: fashion sewing DIY skirts style

The Itsy Bitsy... - Monday, Aug 2nd

From the looks of things, you're hitting the road.

Bound for a place with nary a conven...

Tags: lifestyle travel

Note Worthy - Tuesday, Aug 3rd

Truth is, in this town first impressions count. (No word yet on where they don't.)


Tags: lifestyle stationery paper

Make It Up - Friday, Sep 17th

Though your mortgage gives you a headache and your taxes a heart attack, you're on the make.


Tags: lifestyle crafting

Tag, You're It! - Wednesday, Sep 22nd

Anonymity has its place: donation forms, online surveys, Cops episodes.

Other times, yo...

Tags: lifestyle tracking online website

Manic Monday - Monday, Oct 4th

The Mamas and the Papas called them untrustworthy. The Bangles deemed them manic.

But ...

Tags: lifestyle market shop occasional

Wild Card - Tuesday, Oct 19th

Before computers took over the world, you saw a lot more handwriting.

Ever since email ...

Tags: lifestyle stationery calligraphy invitations

Velvet Underground - Monday, Nov 1st

My, you looked fabulous last winter, hair all sleek from that thermal reconditioning.

Not so...

Tags: home lifestyle photos albums

Freebie: Fully Engaged - Friday, Nov 12th

You've always made your own path.

Why should your wedding be any different. (Cue your ...

Tags: lifestyle weddings events

Buyer's Market - Tuesday, Nov 16th

Following the market makes you sleepy. Very, very sleeeeeeepy.

But you'll perk right up...

Tags: lifestyle gifts handmade market

Good for You - Tuesday, Nov 23rd
As we are about to embark upon a season of thanks, you might want to balance the food with something...

Tags: lifestyle health happiness spa gym

Snappy Holidays - Friday, Dec 3rd

The glitter trees and smiley kids: cute, but mildly irritating. The ten-page letters: nuts.

Tags: lifestyle holidays cards greetings

Oh, Bee-have! - Friday, Dec 10th

Your long-term to-do list includes brokering world peace and ridding the planet of bad hair.


Tags: lifestyle services help assistant

Weekend Guide - Thursday, Dec 23rd
Smell the flowers
If you're feeling cold and seeing gray, spend five minutes in the <...

Tags: lifestyle flowers shopping sales

POPPIES: Wild Card - Friday, Dec 31st

This week, we're bringing you our favorite PopFizz discoveries of 2010 -- The Poppies. E-mail ...

Tags: lifestyle stationery calligraphy invite

Weather or Not - Wednesday, Jan 26th

Your friends think you know them so well.

At least well enough to know you'd find perfe...

Tags: lifestyle gifts decor boutiques

Freebie + Deal: Paper View - Tuesday, Feb 22nd
c u l8r?
no, w/ BF, but c u tues @ lurcat?
ok ttfn
; -)

Yes, this is wha...

Tags: lifestyle stationery cards web

Cold Remedies - Wednesday, Mar 9th
This has been one brutal season. If you haven't been stuck in the snow, you've probably been stuck a...

Tags: lifestyle sick cure food tea soda

Cold Comforts - Monday, Mar 14th

Last chance to dance... in the snow.

Here are few cold weather activities to embrace w...

Tags: lifestyle winter fun

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Doc - Wednesday, Mar 16th

Certain activities are better with company. Say, happy hours, Pictionary and softball games. Tags: lifestyle health web doctor diagnosis

Weekend Guide + Freebie - Thursday, Mar 31st
Take Note
XOXO is even more sincere when you put it on paper. Well, we xoxo Tags: lifestyle stationery freebie shopping

Stay Cool - Friday, May 27th
Sticking around for the weekend? There's plenty to do -- sunshine or rain. We'll see you on Tuesday!...

Tags: lifestyle bikes treats shop

Call of the Wild - Wednesday, May 18th

Taking the occasional breather never hurt anyone.

You can get on the relaxation page at...

Tags: lifestyle fitness yoga outdoor

Weekend Guide - Thursday, Jul 7th
In addition to these sales (MartinPatrick3 an...

Tags: shop sales food style culture arts

Endless Summer - Tuesday, Jun 21st
During the noon hour, it will officially become summer. Happy solstice and please join us on our lis...

Tags: fashion food summer style picnic

Independents Days - Wednesday, Jun 29th

Obsessing over green eyeliner. Cutting your own asymmetrical bob. Eating everything with chopstic...

Tags: lifestyle deals

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