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December 8th, 2008 Issue dayid

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So you've been a contestant on "Project Runway" - what's your next challenge? Fashion is good and all, but for Katherine (Katy to those who know her) Gerdes, it's becoming pastry chef at the now-open-for-dinner Hell's Kitchen.

One happy result of putting this creative soul in the kitchen is an angel food unlike any other. The light-as-air individual cake is surrounded in colorful berries kicked up with candied ginger and tarragon. Not a totally saintly dessert, it's finished off with a zesty lime whipped cream.

While you're there, see if you can spot the petite Gerdes, who is personally in the kitchen often, baking up these cakes along with caramel rolls, homemade pretzels and devil's food cakes. Enjoy two sinful indulgences in one: a sweet treat with a celebrity encounter.

Angel food cake ($4.95)
Hell's Kitchen
80 South 9th Street, Minneapolis

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