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March 10th, 2009 Issue dayid

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Remember that "Little House on the Prairie" episode, where a traveling salesperson peddles his miracle cure in a bottle to the folks at Walnut Grove? A classic.

Okay, this story only partially applies to iBody Science's Skin Solution only in that it's a made-in-Minnesota product, created by horse-lover Saga Stevin, that's a possible remedy for a number of different ailments.

Years ago, Stevin created this oil concoction to treat a common equine fungus, known as scratches. It not only worked, but was soon tested on humans, particularly women recovering from breast cancer. Now the potion is used at the Institute for Health and Healing at Abbott Northwestern Hospital and can help with scars and dry skin.

Don't whiney: It's made from human-appropriate ingredients, including organic virgin coconut oil, virgin olive oil, rose hip oil, cranberry seed oil, avocado oil, tangerine oil and lavender oil.

It has a subtle lavender scent, but not overwhelming as that herb can sometimes be, more like a lovely tea.

While we can't vouch for it's miraculous healing powers, we can say that it made our skin feel awfully smooth post-shower. That's nothing to neigh at.

iBody Science's Skin Solution, $29.95, available at Institute for Health & Healing (Abbott Northwestern Hospital, 2833 Chicago Av., Mpls., 612-863-3333), and the ANSwer Gift Shop (Abbott Northwestern Hospital, 612-863-4325) and online at www.ibodyscience.com.
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