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April 14th, 2009 Issue dayid

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Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids basically got us through college. Somehow, except for the occasional fish, we've lost our taste (and amusement of having red gel in our teeth) for the super-sugary gooey candy.

The gummies are back, but this time no ordinary bears will do -- we've upgraded to Bissinger's Gummy Pandas.

They look like and have the texture of the goodies you remember, but the flavors are more subtle and loaded with antioxidants, such as pomegranate white tea, goji guava, blueberry acai, grapefruit and green tea.

They're not made in MN, but they are midwestern, specifically from St. Louis. The company's chocolate business originated in 17th century France and we have one of the few outposts at Galleria.

Back to the bears: They are all natural, made with organic ingredients and gluten-free. Unlike most gummies, these aren't as sweet and they even seem a little juicy.

However, they are just as addictive. An open bag is probably an empty one. Some things never change.

Gummy Pandas, $13.50 per bag, available at Bissinger's, Galleria, Edina, 952-922-6762.

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