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June 12th, 2009 Issue dayid

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Jelly has always been the star of PB&Js. (Grape one day, huckleberry the next.)

Sure, you'd love to give peanut butter more than a supporting role. But with limited choices (crunchy/smooth), the fun is all on the other side.

Until now. Hell's Kitchen is giving peanut butter a chance to shine.

It may seem like a tame product for a place with blood red walls that welcomes you to hell with an ominous black crow pointing you toward the hostess stand. But HK sure does know how to whip up a peanut butter.

The spread is homemade from ingredients that you can actually pronounce: peanut oil, brown sugar, honey, salt, spices, and, of course, peanuts, which are finely chopped to a consistency in perfect limbo between creamy and chunky.

The verdict? Sorry to diminish the badass rep, but heavenly. And the caramel undertones compliment whatever you like to eat it with; whether that's the old jelly and bread standby, something more exotic like Oreo or banana, or alone right off the spoon.

If gorging on this peanut butter is our worst sin, we think we're doing pretty good.

Peanut butter, $6 for 8 oz and $9 for 16 oz., available at Hell's Kitchen, 80 S 9th St, Mpls., 612-332-4700.

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