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July 1st, 2009 Issue dayid

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The Twin Cities fashion jungle: deafening roar or gaping yawn? Discuss.

With Ferociter on our doorstep, we're ready to roar.

Local designer Aimie Dukes named her jewelry collection after the Latin word for spirit. With degrees in both fine art and interior design, she is able to meld all of her aesthetic pursuits into her pieces.

She debuted her recent line just a couple weeks ago at two kitschy stores.

At ROBOTlove, we were hot for the animal-print silk-scarf necklace paired with a dangling white Harry Potter lightning bolt (both of which are certainly in season).

Taking a hop down to Hennepin to Design Collective, we were introduced to Ferociter's more bewitching side with the sneak-peak at her fall collection. Think dangly bead earrings like a cluster of obsidian grapes ($55), a black tassel dangling from a necklace of blue and burnt-orange baubles ($38), an antique egg-sized ring zig-zagged with black and white ($32). Definitely vintage-inspired here.

That's what we call ferocious.

Ferociter jewelry, available at Design Collective, 1311 26th St, Mpls., 612-377-1000, ROBOTlove, 2648 Lyndale Ave S, Mpls., 612-871-9393 and online.

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