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Back to the Future

August 11th, 2009 Issue dayid

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No, a Michael J. Fox four-quel isn't set to hit theatres anytime soon. Rather, we're heading back to the 50s ourselves for some drive-in dining at Galaxy Drive-In.

The plot twist? This restaurant has gone galactic starship with features like the Crater Curds ($3.85) and an astro-cool sign welcoming "aliens, humans, and all four-legged friends."

No date? Even better (after all, this isn't actually the 50s). Let your pooch ride shotgun, then park it at a drive-up window or an old-school picnic table. She can paw through the Canine Cuisne menu herself and even get a free doggie ice cream cone! As for yourself, we'd go for the Orbit Orange Creamsicle Float ($3.75), an outta-this-world take on the classic root beer, and a Galactic Burger ($6.25), a cosmic-sized double burger with crispy bacon and cosmic secret sauce.

Just off of Highway 7, the spot may seem familiar. In its heyday it was the local hotspot Wagner's. SLP man of 27 years, Steven Schussler hopes to take that former glory to new astronomic heights after treating the place to an $850,000 renovation.

The only thing missing? One of those futuristic aerocars like the Jetsons cruised around in. Now that would really be showing up to dinner in style.

Galaxy Drive-In, 3712 Quebec Ave S, St. Louis Park, 952-277-7777.

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