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March 3rd, 2010 Issue dayid

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We don't want to put words in your mouth. But Bull Run Coffee Bar is the best caffeine buzz you've had in ages.

The isn't another McCoffee spot -- each cup is weighed, ground and brewed to order. With espresso drinks, the 8 or 12 oz beverages are manually created (no buttons) and the Wisconsin milk is free-poured into sweet latte art decorations. While most beverages are available to stay or go, the trained pros won't make a cappuccino in a paper cup (it's all about fresh foam, people). There aren't any flavor syrups. Only mochas and vanilla lattes made with a vanilla bean paste that leaves bean flecks in your cup.

The St. Louis Park-based company has actually been around for 10 years, servicing restaurants with high-end coffee. The Bull Run Coffee Bar inside of Rustica is owner Greg Hoyt's first foray into retail. It's brand of high-level knowledge and technique is a signature of the third wave of coffee. (First wave was instant and second was the chains that shall not be mentioned.)

From bean to cup, the fragrant notes, the dedication to sustainability, the nuances in the crema, the level of skill in each twist of the steamer is almost too much to bear.

Sorry, is this too intense?

Must be the coffee talking.

Bull Run Coffee Bar in Rustica, 3224 W. Lake St., Mpls., 612-822-1119. Drip coffee is also available at Cocoa & Fig.

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