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A Dress the Problem

April 30th, 2010 Issue dayid

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The last time your legs saw the light of day, Bush was President and Ponzi was just a funny sounding word.

Fast forward to now. Are your stems ready for change?

A group of avid Twitter users think so: They've banded together to for #summerofdresses (tweet speak for summer of dresses).

Joining the grassroots movement is easy -- just pledge to wear flirty skirts and drapey dresses all season.

You might embrace the spirit when you face your closet every day -- there really is no easier thing to thrown on and look pulled together than a dress. Or you be part of fashion history-in-the-making on the Summer of Dresses blog. Just submit photos of yourself and/or get inspired by what you see.

Some of the instigators include @vruno, @cleverkate and @lizbastian with @nicycle making the formal declaration and @irishgirl and @formica_dinette created the site.

With May right around the corner, why not go out on a limb and put on a pretty frock.

Summer of Dresses, check out the website for updates.

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