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June 8th, 2010 Issue dayid

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Grass has suffered from a bad rap. It's always greener somewhere else, and no one ever wants to watch it grow.

Here to give grass a much-needed image makeover is Grass Fed Cattle Co.

The local beef company lets you buy a fraction of a cow. The idea arose when owners Marcus and Abby Andrusko of Edina, had some less-than-stellar meats and decided that there had to be a better beef out there.

So they researched and found local farmers who were treating their cows right (free range and no added hormones or antibiotics). The resulting meat comes to you weighed, vacuum-sealed, labeled and frozen. And it's healthier: An all-grass diet means less saturated fat and more nutrients (omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A and E) than their corn-fed brethren.

Which might lead you to find something else in it.


Grass Fed Cattle Co., 1/8 cow (about 60 pounds) for $395 or 1/4 cow (about 120 pounds) for $770. Order online or by phone (612-581-7787 ) and you pick up from their location on 50th and France in one or two trips. Three-month payment plan available.

Beauty and the Beef special, order 1/8 of a cow for $425 by the end of June, which includes a set of products from local beauty company Simply Organic.

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