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Deal: Port Authority

July 23rd, 2010 Issue dayid

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Judging from your no-makeup makeup approach and collection of minimalist design, you certainly don't mind making the effort -- but it better not look like it.

So instead of struggling to get that easy breezy look, go see Lito Portacio. He is the secret behind some of the city's best coiffed women. For four years, he has been jetting in from Hollywood once every other month to glam up Extrados clients.

It wasn't enough -- Lito will now be available for two weeks every month to bring his knack for hairstyles that compliment natural beauty.

When it comes to cuts, Lito is a gem about crafting wash-and-wear hair so that you can go longer between appointments. A perfect match to the work with Tony Castro's baliaged sun-kissed or it-could-be-natural side of the colorists' wheel.

After all, there's nothing wrong with being the mane attraction.

Lito Portacio at Extrados, $130, 4279 Sheridan Avenue South, Linden Hills, 612-920-0051.

Deal: Clients who book their first appointment with Lito will get 20 percent off of Portacio's hair services (just mention Pop Fizz!).

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