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POPPIES: Keep it Clean

December 27th, 2010 Issue dayid

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This week, we're bringing you our favorite PopFizz discoveries of 2010 -- The Poppies. E-mail us with your picks.

Certain women's fashions -- corsets, bloomers -- have come and gone and come again.

But some never die. Aprons, for instance, will thrive until the day someone invents full-body kitchen armor.

And even if they do (or have), chances are those getups won't be half as cute as Pamela Mariutto's BellaPamella aprons.

A Minneapolis resident and mother of three, Pamela designed her "quintessential apron" to be a simple uniform. The result is a perfectly updated retro style available in playful patterns.

You may never cook like Julia Child.

But you can certainly look the part.

BellaPamella aprons, $45 each, available online. There are also versions for kids for $24.

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