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Champagne Supernova

January 7th, 2011 Issue dayid

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Put a cork in it? As if.

Just because New Year's has come and gone doesn't mean that you can't enjoy a bit of bubbly.

So put on a sparkly little number again this weekend and order a Classic Champagne Cocktail. That shouldn't be too difficult since versions have been popping up on menus across the Twin Cities, including the Edina Grill, Meritage and D'amico Kitchen (as Sicilian Champagne Cocktail).

Thank you Esquire, circa 1937, for bringing this beauty into the bar repertoire. All of the local takes include Aperol, a sugar cube, some form of bitters, champagne and an optional (but appreciated) lemon peel garnish.

It's flavor is clean and, despite the sugar cube, it's not too sweet.

The effect is actually quite fizzy. Which, as you can imagine, we adore.

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