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February 16th, 2011 Issue dayid

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Been looking for someone to do whatever your heart desires? Moving your home or business? Washing dishes? Raking leaves? Painting? Data entry?

Sometimes it takes a crew. Why not try a whole crew team. It's time to reach out to Rent-A-Rower. When they're not rowing boats, the University of Minnesota's crew team is available for $10 per hour, per person working.

Since 2002, the team has been at your beck-and-call to raise money for competition, travel and equipment.

You just let them know when, where and how many guys you want to have help out. The fact that they happen to be hard-working athletes certainly helps with heavy lifting and manual labor.

Rowers can be at your service for just about anything -- from demolition to catering to chauffeuring (land or water, of course) to patio brick work. So you'll be freed up to focus on things that matter.

Like those heart desires.

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