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March 8th, 2011 Issue dayid

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To faux, or not to faux? To wear the mink or not to wear the mink?

How to gussy up that plain black sweater (ugh, we're still wearing sweaters in March) -- all the while looking a bit Jane Mansfield?

Check out the new lines Furbellish and Belle Vache, brought to you by the creative gals behind My Sister and I. Sibs Jennifer Wight and Julie Driscoll have been doing decorative painting for years and recently entered the accessories market by recycling old furs into adorable poofy earrings, handbags and little pom-poms, which you can hang on a shiny new tote bag (also by the duo).

And if by next year, you decide by next year that fur trim (faux or recycled) is, well, just so passe, you can use it as a super-soft bathmat.

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