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March 16th, 2011 Issue dayid

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Certain activities are better with company. Say, happy hours, Pictionary and softball games.

Getting sick? Not a good time to be in a group. Even if that includes the germy doctor's office.

For your aches, acne and soar throats, there's a new clinic in town -- Zipnosis.

The St. Paul-based website offers $25 online consults with a Park Nicollet clinician.

So if you suspect you have a sinus infection or UTI or one of these health-related issues, you can receive a diagnosis in an hour or less from your couch. After you fill out an initial interview form (five minutes), a clinician reviews the information and will create a treatment plan. They'll even send a prescription to a pharmacy for you, if applicable.

It saves time and gas and parking money.

And gets you back to those happy hour-Pictionary-softball games way sooner.

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