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Food, Glorious Food

August 23rd, 2011 Issue dayid

Todays pic We interrupt your Tuesday to bring you this breaking food news. Hungry? Read on and you will be.

Sweet Retreat on the T.V.
Luck be a lady tonight, for bakery owner Robin Johnson. She competed on the Cupcake Wars, which debuts at 7 p.m. tonight on Food Network. She's one of four bakers who competed for a chance to have their cupcakes at the World Series of Poker. Roll that dough, baby!

Hemingway on Hennepin
If you like a literary reference as much as we do, make a ressy at Solera Cocina de Espana this week as they honor Big Papa. Options include a whole fish dish inspired by "The Old Man and the Sea" (Tuesday through Sunday), a paella cooking class taught by Executive Chef Jorge Guzman ($40 per person, Saturday), a pig roast ($45 per person, Sunday) and a screening of movie of "The Sun Also Rises" on the rooftop (Sunday, dusk). Whatever you do, drink the Solera Signature Sangria. We're sure Hemingway would have liked it a whole lot.

Cheese curds at the State Fair
It's coming! And you know you're going. And eating. You can be a Cliff Clavin of curd trivia with this fact-filled cheese curd article. For example: "The creamery takes in about 1.7 million pounds of milk daily." Orly?

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